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 Akresh, lvl 70 druid

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PostSubject: Akresh, lvl 70 druid   Thu Jul 19, 2007 4:11 am

Whats your name: Ilari
Character name: Akresh
Age: 16
Live: Finland
Race and class: Tauren Druid
Professions: Skinning 375/375 and just took Herbalism after I left LW
Alternativ character: Shagrak (70 warrior)
Link to your character:
Whats your previus guild: Restricted Exiles, but in I C E at the moment.
Why did you leave or got kicked: Too many people just left it. And I C E is a nice guild, but this seems to be better one. And they don't organize things so well.
Do you have ventrilo and can speak: I have ventrilo, but my mic is broken. I'm going to buy a new one soon though.
How much can you play: Usually I play everyday, for like 2 to 4 hours. And I think I could take part to the most of the raids. But I got some other things like a band, which needs some of my time.
Experience: Some bosses in Karazhan, not so much but I learn fast Smile (+all heroics)
Why should we invite you to SD: because all guilds need friendly and active players Smile and I'm an anti-whiner, I don't blame anyone from wipes.
What do you want to achieve with joining SD: Experience and progress in instances and fun with guild mates Smile with some lewt ofcourse, which helps to get better progress. Very Happy
Do you know anyone in SD: Nope, but would want to
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PostSubject: Re: Akresh, lvl 70 druid   Thu Jul 19, 2007 4:17 am

accepted for trial
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Akresh, lvl 70 druid
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