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 Rumplock - 70 Rogue

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PostSubject: Rumplock - 70 Rogue   Sat Jul 21, 2007 5:38 am

Hello Guys!

Name: Robin

Character Name: Rumplock ( Yes it's true, Im a rogue ;P )

Age: 16

Live:Sweden, värmland !

Talent Specc (30/0/31): Ofc I can resspec as you want me to, In pvp specced atm ;<

Race: Undead rogue

Profs: LW 342 / Skinning 320 (so far...)

Got any uniqe Recipe? Nah... not rly

Which server are your character on: Stormreaver

Alternative Characters: I got some, but non serious,

b] Present and old guild:[/b] i'm Guildless atm.. the latest guildes i've been in was We Raid Gamon, Only For the Weak and my Latest was Mobbade Barn Med Epix or if i say like this that i have been in some smaller guildes after mobbade just to talk to people.

Why did you leave your old/former guilds: All guild has disbanded and that's really sad cause Im unlucky to find a guild that I like and can stay in.

How much can you play: Hmm.. 24/7 ;P Like a real gamer.

Do you have access to ventrilo and can speak? Yes ofc, no problems and my English is very good.

Experience with wow: Hmm.. well.. been playing for the last 1,5 years with some small breaks so, quite much.. In pre-tbc I did all 20-man and full Mc, Bwl and some bosses in aq40, Haven't been in naxx yet =(

Attunements: Most of the PreBC Attunemenst , Kara ofc and now after patch to SSC and The eye ;P

Resistance-gear: Well.. i think i still got my MC FR gear somewhere. Other than that i've got none. But just point me in the right direction and i'll get what i need.

What do you want to achieve with joining Shattered Dreams? Well. To be honest, i'm here to find new friends and just have fun when raiding with you. I'm not a epicwhore or something like that ;P just wanna have fun and enjoy the game.

What do you think other plp are thinking about you: Good player, no problem to take one for the team. Knows his class. Fair and I hope that they think that I am a nice guy ;P.

Why should we invite you to the guild?: Cuz, i know my class. I'll bring a good mood and some fun and happiness. And i will not nag or whine about nott gettin on any raids. I'm playing the game for the fun of it. Not for the Gear. ( well.. a little ^^))

Link to your character (ctprofiles, allakhazam, armory etc):

Do you know any in Shattered Dreams? Well i iknow Zpix that is on trail IRL and then i don't think i know anyone.

Are you willing to change specc if needed? Ofc.. it's not expensive..

.. and I want to show you guys that rogues can do damage to ! =P

C ya In-game or here.

// Robin
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PostSubject: Re: Rumplock - 70 Rogue   Sat Jul 21, 2007 6:00 am

accepted for trial
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Rumplock - 70 Rogue
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