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 Rotur, lvl 70 rogue apply

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PostSubject: Rotur, lvl 70 rogue apply   Wed Jul 25, 2007 9:12 am

Greetings, my character is Rotur, this is my apply:

IRL info:

Name: Rui Vasconcelos
Age: 16
From: Portugal

Ingame info:

Character name: Rotur
Level: 70
Server: Stormreaver
Race: Troll
Class: Rogue
Current guild: Descend
Previous guilds: Requiem
Reason for leaving/kicked from previous guild: Disbanded

Availability/raid exp:

Availability: Can play every day of the week, all time. On weekends, I cant play during lunch time (away from home), but im home in afternoon. I can play until very late, even all night if needed. I dont have pushy parents Wink
Raiding experience (Pre-TBC): Raided all pre-tbc instances. MC, BWL, AQ's, Naxx, ZG, ONY, all of them.
Raiding experience (TBC):
I have full kara experience, and also done Maulgar (Meaning I know all tactics, and I know what to do in a boss)


Friends in guild: Im not sure if I have any yet, but I see a lot of people applying that I know.
Addons: Have them all, all needed for a raid, all needed for better game play. From KTM to Deadly Boss Mods, you name it Smile
TS or Vent: Got both
Mic: Got a working one
Professions: Skinning/LW
Alternative chars: Lvl 40 lock
Why do you want to join SH: Well, I have a very good guild atm, but its falling a part, and I no longer expect a lot from it.
What do expect to achieve with SH: I wanna help you guys get some more PvE progress, and there are still some kara loots I need

Well that is all the info I can remember right now. If you need more info /w Rotur. I am going on vacations tomorrow, I just want to save a spot. Il be back Very Happy. Hope I get accepted, and I look forward to raid with you guys

Keep on jammin,
Rotur afro
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Rotur, lvl 70 rogue apply
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