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 apply 70 shaman

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PostSubject: apply 70 shaman   Wed Jul 25, 2007 12:53 pm

Character name: dipern

Age: 14

Live: sweden

Race and class: orc

Professions: herba 375 minig 226

Alternativ character: warlock lvl 39

Link to your character:

Whats your previus guild: requime , rush , the swedish plague

Why did you leave or got kicked: leaved 2 one got disspaned

Do you have ventrilo and can speak:got ventrilo can speack (im imba shy Embarassed )

How much can you play: much.. got "sommarlov" duno what it is is eng ^^

Experience: pre tbc: mc zg aq20 , tbc: kara , gruul's lair and got void reaver to 11%

Why should we invite you to SD: us i want a raiding guild and i know some ppl in there

What do you want to achieve with joining SD:

Do you know anyone in SD: shalima , rikusani , boltzi , völund... might be more
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apply 70 shaman
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